Grow Your Business

Through a variety of business supports, ranging from market research assistance to business planning workbooks, our staff are equipped to help guide clients towards a successful pathway of entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or are seeking assistance with your current business needs, the Battle River Innovation Centre is equipped with the tools and resources to help propel you in the right direction.

Business Retention and Expansion Programs

Through BREOC, we are able to offer an array of supports and programs to assist your business in all stages from conception to growth, to maturity, and business exit.

Business Support Program

The Business Support Program (BSP) is a tailored support program that provides businesses with access to professional supports and funding. It is a three-phase program consisting of 1) Needs Assessment, 2) Professional Support to create a Development Plan, and 3) Funding to Implement the Development Plan. Through this program, BREOC is seeking to support the business environment in its contribution to successful economic transition.

Succession Program

Often, businesses close their doors rather than successfully selling or transferring business ownership in some way, due to the many challenges this undertaking requires. The Succession Readiness program has two goals:

    1. Support business owners interested in succeeding their business by providing access to a succession professional who will assist them in becoming ready for the sale/transfer.
    2. Support potential buyers of local businesses in navigating the challenges and process of buying and investing in local businesses.

This succession professional will assess the specific needs of the business owner or buyer and refer them to the appropriate support such as a lawyer, accountant, or human resource professional. Access to these supports is supported by BREOC.

Business Seminar Series

The Business Seminar Series is a set of in-person workshops conducted by quality facilitators on a complete range of topics that will help strengthen our Region’s businesses. They are offered on a regular basis (usually monthly) at the Battle River Innovation Centre. We will be publishing our list of topics soon.

Social Enterprise Program

The Social Enterprise Support Program (SESP) is a tailored support program that provides social enterprises (societies and not-for-profits) with access to and funding for professional support and implementation dollars. It is a three-phase program consisting of 1) Needs Assessment, 2) Professional Support to create a Development Plan, and 3) Funding to Implement the Development Plan. Recognizing the valuable role our not-for-profits play in providing valuable services to the Region, BREOC has designed this program to ensure our organizations are healthy and vibrant.

Thought Exchange Program

The Thought Exchange is a small business problem-solving initiative dedicated to bringing small business owners together to act as one another’s unofficial ‘Board of Advisors’, with the goal of supporting each other in solving each other’s business problems. It consists of monthly meetings that seek to help small businesses solve their problems, and another set of monthly meetings to conduct a community demonstration program that is driven by the region’s business owners. It is driven and supported by membership fees and corporate sponsorships.

Concierge of Programming

The private sector development support network within Canada is vast and sophisticated. While BREOC offers many programs, it may not offer the correct service or solution for all business owners. Therefore, the Concierge of Programming service provides a 1-on-1 support and referral service based on your needs with the goal of finding the most appropriate business supports. The BRIC’s staff are here to serve all clients who need help with employment, starting a business, and/or operating their business.

Entreprenurial Programs

Being an entrepreneur can be like driving full speed through a snowstorm, gripping the wheel and not knowing what’s coming next. Let us help you make sense of what it means to be an entrepreneur, through our workshops, training, programming, and referral network.

Group Based Entrepreneurial Support

To provide regular introductory workshops to entrepreneurship to the region, there have been two workshops created, these are the Entrepreneurial Information Session and the Two-Day Business Planning Workshop. Through these workshops, residents and current business owners will build capacity to understand entrepreneurship, and the process of business planning. This will garner entrepreneurial interest in the community and further ready participants to receive 1-on-1 supports either within BREOC or through external organizations.