COVID-19 Information Resource Page

The Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee (BREOC) recognizes that our business community requires our support now more than ever, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the nature and magnitude of the challenges occurring to virtually all businesses, their employees, and their customers; governments at all levels are putting in place special measures to help contain the spread of COVID – 19. Many of these measures directly impact businesses and their employees. 


As a first step, BREOC is working to ensure that our business community has access to quality information pertaining to COVID – 19, as we are committed to doing our part to support the business community during these unprecedented times.  These first steps will include providing direct links to federal, provincial, and in some cases, municipal government sites that are focused on issues directly related to COVID – 19 and the challenges businesses may be facing. 


In addition, you will also find resources for a number of business support organizations whom are developing tools that are focused on COVID – 19, that will support the efforts of the business community throughout these hardships.


It is clear that the circumstances are continually evolving, therefore we will work to do our best to ensure that the information associated with COVID–19 and its impacts on Canada will be kept as up to date as possible.

For a list of businesses in the BREOC Region that are open and/or have made adjustments to their service delivery, please check the list by clicking the button: 

*The informational resources provided are intended to support greater ease of access to already available information and is not intended as legal advice.


Business Resources

A number of business and industry focused organizations are being pro-active in posting information and resources primarily targeted at the needs of business.

Government of Alberta

New financial relief measures for Albertans.

Labour-Related Resources


Our business community is recognized as an important contributor to our local economy and employment base. Given the circumstances, it is likely that a number of businesses will experience an increased likelihood of having owners and workers whom are impacted by the COVID–19 Virus. Initial responses and information resources sourced from federal and provincial sites are listed. As new or additional information becomes available, we will do our best to post it in a timely fashion.

Health Resources


Much of the focus by all levels of government is on limiting the risk of exposure to the virus.  These efforts do impact businesses on how to best establish and maintain a safe workplace, in order to ultimately decrease the exposure. Information is being provided by federal, provincial and municipal governments.  Please note that this topic area is evolving on a daily basis and business owners should make every effort to remain as current as possible.

New information and a continued evolution of services specific to businesses will continue to evolve over the foreseeable future. We will endeavour to post links to additional resources as they become available.

*The informational resources provided are intended to support greater ease of access to already available information and is not intended as legal advice.