Business Supports

Through a variety of business supports, ranging from market research assistance to business planning workbooks, our staff are equipped to help guide clients towards a successful pathway of entrepreneurship. 


Whether you’re looking to start a new business or are seeking assistance with your current business needs, the Battle River Innovation Centre is equipped with the tools and resources to help propel you in the right direction.

Business Supports - Coaching

Our staff can provide timely and thorough one-on-one business coaching to new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs. This is part of the service offering of the Centre’s and as such is a free and confidential offering to all.


The Transition Centre is committed to offering quality counseling service that incorporates extended expertise of staff and is augmented by other local agencies and service providers.


Transition Centre business counselling services focus upon comprehensive assistance in one or more of the following areas: 


  • Business Plan Development

  • Capital Sourcing

  • Market Research

  • Problem Solving

  • Strategic Plan Review

  • Management Assistance

  • Local Regulatory Compliance Assistance

  • Make resource referrals

  • Utilize outside resources as needed (e.g. Other Government programs or other service providers and contractors)

For more ways how the Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee (BREOC) can support your business with supports, coaching, consulting, and workshops and seminars, please see the following


Business Supports - Training

Training of a clients is an essential service offering. The centre’s provide quality training designed to improve the skills and knowledge of existing and prospective business owners/managers. Where necessary, the transition centres may rely on the use of various educational technology such as computer-based instruction, distance learning initiatives, webinars and the like, in an effort to enhance the distribution and quality of training services, given the remoteness of the locations.


The centre conducts training programs based on business needs, the availability of expertise, and the ability to provide individualized counselling during and after the training session. The training programs are directed to existing and prospective business owners/managers/employees. 

Typical business subjects include:


  • Organization and planning

  • Record keeping (basic accounting)

  • Advertising/Sales promotion

  • Financing

  • Management


These trainings characteristically focus upon topics of current interest to broad cross-sections of the business community and are designed to provide an initial level of understanding on the topic.


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